“Askele’s expertise was invaluable”

Sigge Architects’ system and process development project ran very smoothly. The predictability of their business and project management improved significantly.

Sigge Architects had already been considering options and defining their requirements on PSA software for a while when they met Askele at an event organized by the Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices. They were swiftly convinced by Askele’s expertise in PSA as well as their knowledge of the architecture business field.

Heading for the future in prime condition

“Our primary goal was to improve project management and bring automation in to save time spent in the invoicing procedures. However, as the project continued, there was no stopping there… Finally, all internal processes were streamlined from PSA through to payroll and accounting.”

“In the end, the goal was to up the quality of our tender calculation and to enhance our project reporting and project profitability. At the same time, we were looking for software that would be modern as well as comfortable and intuitive for our employees in the daily work hour reporting.”

“Choosing Askele as our partner was easy, as we got the feeling that they are real experts in this field. Our thinking about the implementation and the follow-up were closely aligned from the start. Askele clearly knew how business works in architecture firms. We were very easily convinced by the software complex recommended by Askele!” both Juha Kuokkanen, the Executive Vice President, and Aino Koivunen, the Development Manager from Sigge Architects confirm.

“Implementing new software and new procedures required commitment also from inside the company, as we wanted to bring some historical data into the new tools. Askele helped us in the preparations and in exploring the different scenarios. All in all, the change went very smoothly.”

“Now we have real-time information on our business activities on hand all the time. Furthermore, we have built a scalable base solution, which we can develop further when necessary,” says Kuokkanen.

I never knew working could be this easy

Hanna-Leena Ketonen, the office secretary, is responsible for financial administration and invoicing at Sigge Architects. She was naturally a little skeptical about the new software at first, but all doubts proved to be unnecessary.

“I was surprised how easy the new tools are to work with. Severa is very logical and was simple to use right from the start. It has helped project invoicing significantly and made my month-end duties much smoother.”

During the PSA project with Askele, Sigge Architects decided to replace their financial administration software as well. They implemented Netvisor, a cloud service owned by the same supplier as Severa. Netvisor and Severa are integrated at various levels.

“Our accounting firm partner uses our Netvisor and that has greatly promoted automation in our financial administration. We have made progress in areas we did not expect to develop just yet. Honestly, I have been thrilled about the relief the systems have provided in my work,” says Ketonen.

Askele lightened our workload

Sigge Architects is very satisfied with Askele’s know-how and their service-minded approach, as well as their active role in advancing the project.

“These projects contain many stages that require expertise to know what needs to be done at each stage. The expertise Askele has both in the business field and in software was invaluable to our project. They made suggestions on the implementation, our project management and our follow-up procedures,” says Kuokkanen.

“I highly recommend the Askele team. They appointed a skillful consultant to our project, and we worked closely together to advance the project smoothly. Having a pro at your side allows you to concentrate on your own business activities. Askele lightened our workload a great deal in this project, and without their input we wouldn’t be where we are now,” concludes Koivunen.